Our team will help you collate the necessary data and provide analysis to drive target market segmentation and consumer research for your business. Collect information through multiple data sources with cutting edge technology-aided assessment to provide strategic direction for your business’s growth.

How We can help

Market Segmentation

Defining and understanding their target audience is a problem many businesses struggle to overcome. Categorizing your audience based on certain demographic and behavioural characteristics can be tackled through our data gathering and analysis to define your target market.

Ethnography Studies

As a global firm we are uniquely positioned to assist with ethnographic research for our clients seeking to enter new markets through export. Our research team has the depth of experience and partnerships to gather the necessary cultural and market information to guide your success.

Customer Studies

Improving customer experience is a continuous process. Our team can tailor focus groups and other research based on your needs. Need something more automated - Point Global Marketing is the authorized Caribbean partner for Happy or Not. Get feedback right away at your fingertips. Speak to one of our consultants to learn more.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Artificial Intelligence to analyze mass data. Let’s face it as our world becomes more technology driven the amount of data points to consider can become overwhelming. Artificial Intelligence aids the process of sorting and co-relating our data points to put forward manageable data and insights for implementation.

Data Science & Analytics

Let us put the data your business and digital platforms are gathering to use for you. Our strength lies in gathering structured and unstructured data in a technology aided manner to provide reports with useful insights.

Machine Learning

As an emerging business put machine learning to work to automate basic functions in your business to free up resources for expansion. Let us have discussion on how machine learning can help your business scale to the next level


Happy or Not

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